The wizard behind the curtain here at One Man Riet - Marty "Riet" McEwen - grew up in Middle Tennessee. He began drawing pop culture icons in kindergarten. Ironically, this is what he still bases his illustrations and tattoos on today. Like a Peter Pan of the horror genre.

In high school he was immersed in the world of graffiti art. This is were the name "Riet" originated. His graffiti mentor at the time advised him to "spell it with the 'E,'" instead of the grammatically correct way because "you can do more stylistically with an 'E' than an 'O.'"

Currently, Marty still does graffiti but spends most of his time tattooing in Nashville. He specializes in cartoon style, but enjoys doing a little bit of everything. Aside from tattooing, Marty created One Man Riet, a horror arts and apparel company where he makes everything from masks, to valentine cards, to blacklight posters and more!

You can find him at many horror, tattoo, comic, and pop culture conventions around the United States.